Friday, January 1, 2016

We Were Promised Jetpacks: Unravelling [2014] — Album Review

Adam John Thompson: Vocals, Guitar
Michael Palmer: Guitar
Sean Charles Smith: Bass
Darren Kenneth Lackie: Drums, Backing Vocals
Stuart Michael McGachan: Keys, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Produced by Paul Savage

1. Safety in Numbers – 3:38
2. Peaks and Troughs – 3:51
3. I Keep it Composed – 3:50
4. Peace Sign – 4:05
5. Night Terror – 4:39
6. Disconnecting – 5:19
7. Bright Minds – 4:42
8. A Part of it – 3:39
9. Moral Compass – 4:24
10. Peace of Mind – 6:30
11. Ricochet – 4:45
Total Runtime: 47:12

First, let me get the greetings out of the way, Happy New Year everyone! I've got a lot of special plans for 2016 for Tape Deck, and first up is More Reviews January! Now, to the review:
If you've somehow never heard of them, We Were Promised Jetpacks are an alternative group from Scotland, mostly known for their kick-ass name. Unravelling is WWPJ's third album, the follow-up to the excellent In the Pit of the Stomach (which I'll get to eventually).
Unravelling opens with the album's first single, "Safety in Numbers", which is just a stellar song. If you didn't know they were Scottish, you do now after hearing [singer]'s voice. Not that there's anything wrong with his voice, I think it's actually quite refreshing.
Track 2 is "Peaks and Troughs", which is very atmospheric, as well as "I Keep it Composed".
The next two songs are probably my favorites on Unravelling: "Peace Sign" and "Night Terror". "Peace Sign" has some amazing lyrics, and "Night Terror" does as well, paired with some epic instrumentalism.
"Disconnecting" is a slow, somewhat boring effort. I feel that I wouldn't be saying this if it were in a different spot on the record, like before "Peace of Mind", but that's only speculation. It really reminds me of Radiohead, though.
Speaking of "Peace of Mind", it's the only instrumental song on Unravelling, but it flows really well, usually I don't even realize "Moral Compass" ended or that "Ricochet" began.
"Ricochet" is like "Disconnecting", but not as boring. It's got more to it, more lyrics and more instruments.
Overall, Unravelling is an awesome album, and you should go listen to it.

Safety in Numbers: 8/10
Peaks and Troughs: 7/10
I Keep it Composed: 7/10
Peace Sign: 9/10
Night Terror: 10/10
Disconnecting: 5/10
Bright Minds: 8/10
A Part of it: 7/10
Moral Compass: 8/10
Peace of Mind: 7/10
Ricochet: 7/10

Subtotal: 83/110
Bonus Points:
Total: 83/110
Score: 7.5 Outstanding

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