Monday, January 11, 2016

Saves the Day: At Your Funeral [2002] — Single Review

Chris Conley: Vocals
Vocal Era: Stay What You Are
Dave Soloway: Guitar
Eben D’Amico: Bass
Ted Alexander: Guitar
Bryan Newman: Drums

1. At Your Funeral – 3:09
2. Ups & Downs – 3:19
Total Runtime: 6:28

I've already gone over "At Your Funeral" in my Stay What You Are review, but I'll reiterate: this song is perfect. It's just amazing.
"Ups & Downs" is a really cool sounding song. The swelling, reverberating guitar at the start is something different for Saves the Day. In the album booklet from Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides, Conley tells us that "Ups & Downs" was originally supposed to be on SWYA, but it wasn't finished before the album was released. That's really sad since this is such a great song. Ever since I read that, I feel like SWYA is incomplete every time I listen to it.
Also the music video of "At Your Funeral" is one of the coolest music videos ever.

At Your Funeral: 10/10
Ups & Downs: 10/10

Total: 20/20
Score: 10.0 Perfect.

Genres: Pop-punk, Emo

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