Friday, January 8, 2016

Starset: Transmissions [2014] — Album Review

Dustin Bates: Lead Vocals, Keyboard
Ron DeChant: Bass, Keyboard, Backing Vocals
Brock Richards: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam Gilbert: Drums
Produced by Rob Graves

1. First Light – 1:24
2. Down with the Fallen – 4:17
3. Halo – 3:45
4. Carnivore – 4:22
5. Telescope – 5:31
6. It Has Begun – 5:16
7. My Demons – 4:48
8. Antigravity – 6:09
9. Dark On Me – 5:38
10. Let it Die – 4:32
11. The Future is Now – 4:45
12. The Point of No Return – 3:39
13. Rise and Fall – 5:54
Total Runtime: 1:00:00

My oh my have I been waiting for this one. Transmissions has to be the best album of 2014. Easily. Starset is definitely one of the best acts to come out of the 2010s. Get ready for gushing because there isn't much not to love about this album.
And so we begin with the very ethereal instrumental "First Light". It's a nice piece that lays out the sound for the rest of the album. "Down with the Fallen" follows, displaying Bates' excellent voice and wonderful screaming ability (though we won't be hearing much of it throughout).
Next is "Halo" which would get an 11/10 if I wasn't holding myself to a strict guideline; "Halo" is perfect. There are no flaws. "Halo" is the best song on the album. Which is followed up by another great, "Carnivore", which really lets Bates' lyricism shine through. 
Single "My Demons" is a great song, though I'm not sure it should've been the first single, it doesn't exactly scream "attract fans" to me, but nevertheless it's another excellent song.
"Let it Die", track 8, is another highlight, with its amazing chorus and guitar work.
Transmissions ends on another good song, "Rise and Fall", but it's not exactly the best song they could have used for the closer. I think maybe using "The Point of No Return" as the closer might've served the album better.
Overall, Transmissions is an extremely solid effort from a new band. Starset are destined for greatness. I can't wait for their next album.

First Light: 9/10
Down with the Fallen: 8/10
Halo: 10/10
Carnivore: 9/10
Telescope: 9/10
It Has Begun: 8/10
My Demons: 9/10
Antigravity: 9/10
Dark on Me: 9/10
Let it Die: 10/10
The Future is Now: 9/10
The Point of No Return: 9/10
Rise and Fall: 9/10

Subtotal: 117/130
Bonus Points:
Total: 117/130
Score: 9.0 Stellar 

Genres: Cinematic Rock, Progressive Metal, Alt-Metal

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