Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Suggested Listening: Week of May 25th

This week I got back into some bands, ones I just happened to forget how awesome they were. Let's get into those.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Suggested Listening — Week of May 18th

So this is something new I'm gonna try, I hope I can make this work, 'cause I've been wanting to do something like this for a while.
So let me give you the general idea of Suggested Listening: like a suggested reading part of an article, every week I'm going to suggest a few albums or EPs (categorized by genres, which may get more specific, we'll see how it goes) that I've been listening to a lot lately, or (since I go through cycles of what I listen to) that I just really like. If I've already reviewed an album, I'll link it; if not, I may or may not get to it. Anyway, let's get to this week's picks.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Knuckle Puck: Copacetic [2015] — Album Review

Kevin Maida: Guitar
John Siorek: Drums
Joe Taylor: Lead Vocals
Nick Casasanto: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ryan Rumchaks: Bass
Produced by Seth Henderson

1. Wall to Wall (Depreciation) – 2:18
2. Disdain – 2:44
3. Poison Pen Letter – 3:39
4. Swing – 3:43
5. Ponder – 2:10
6. Evergreen – 3:28
7. True Contrite – 4:55
8. Stationary – 2:05
9. In Your Crosshairs – 4:42
10. Pretense – 3:05
11. Untitled – 7:51
Total Runtime: 40:47

After a few EPs (that I'll get around to eventually), Knuckle Puck signed to Rise Records and released their début album, Copacetic in 2015. I'd definitely have to go ahead and say Copacetic is my favorite album released in 2015. Copacetic is an expertly crafted album, one of the new emo greats and one of the best débuts I've ever heard.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hit the Lights: Just to Get Through to You [2016] — EP Review

Nick Thompson: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Omar Zehery: Lead Guitar
David Bermosk: Bass
Nate Van Damme: Drums
Kevin Mahoney: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Produced by Hit the Lights

1. Blasphemy, Myself, & I – 2:56
2. Drop the Girl – 3:39
3. Fucked Up Kids – 2:57
4. Save Your Breath – 3:00
5. Summer Bones – 4:17
6. Lighthouse – 3:22
Total Runtime: 20:11

Last year, Hit the Lights released their fourth album, Summer Bones, and their third with Nick Thompson on vocal duties. While it wasn't bad, it left something to be desired. With ten songs and only lasting 26½ minutes, Summer Bones doesn't really feel finished. Not to mention the "feat. Colin Ross" on "Old Friend" is barely earned, but that's all a story for when I review Summer Bones.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Light Years: I'll See You When I See You [2015] — Album Review

Pat Kennedy: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Englert: Bass
Andrew Forest: Guitar
Kent Sliney: Drums
Produced by Will Yip

1. Are You Sure? – 3:26
2. Rearview – 2:48
3. Living in Hell – 3:07
4. Accidents – 3:52
5. The Summer She Broke My Heart – 3:18
6. Cracks on the Ceiling – 3:31
7. So Sorry – 3:47
8. Let You Down – 3:29
9. I Can't Relate – 3:04
10. Empty Rooms – 2:57
11. Lost Ground – 3:14
12. Funeral – 1:16
13. I Wish I Could – 4:23
Total Runtime: 42:12

Light Years aren't what first comes to mind when most people think of when they think of today's pop-punk scene. People would usually think of The Story So Far or State Champs or some other Pure Noise band (nothing against PN bands, they're great, just sayin') before they'd think of some other band, and then another... and then another... in an endless cycle, 'cause barely anyone knows about Light Years. Like another band I'll talk about very soon, Light Years are pretty much complete unknowns. But, that shouldn't be. Light Years are the perfect representation of the all-American third wave emo influenced pop-punk scene.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thursday: No Devolución [2011] — Album Review

Geoff Rickly: Vocals
Steve Pedulla: Guitar
Tom Keeley: Guitar
Andrew Everding: Keyboards
Tim Payne: Bass
Tucker Rule: Drums
Produced by Dave Fridmann

1. Fast to the End – 3:21
2. No Answers – 4:53
3. A Darker Forest – 3:40
4. Sparks Against the Sun – 4:47
5. Open Quotes – 2:55
6. Past and Future Ruins – 4:15
7. Magnets Caught in a Metal Heart – 3:42
8. Empty Glass – 4:59
9. A Gun in the First Act – 5:02
10. Millimeter – 2:48
11. Turnpike Divides – 4:54
12. Stay True – 7:53
Total Runtime: 53:09

No Devolución is quite a departure from Thursday's previous two albums, 2009's Common Existence and 2006's A City by the Light Divided. In fact it's a different road then they normally drive on. No Devolución is a much more atmospheric experience than Thursday's pulled off before—most tracks find Rickly's voice drenched with reverb, and most of the other instruments have serious echo to them as well.