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Light Years: I'll See You When I See You [2015] — Album Review

Pat Kennedy: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tommy Englert: Bass
Andrew Forest: Guitar
Kent Sliney: Drums
Produced by Will Yip

1. Are You Sure? – 3:26
2. Rearview – 2:48
3. Living in Hell – 3:07
4. Accidents – 3:52
5. The Summer She Broke My Heart – 3:18
6. Cracks on the Ceiling – 3:31
7. So Sorry – 3:47
8. Let You Down – 3:29
9. I Can't Relate – 3:04
10. Empty Rooms – 2:57
11. Lost Ground – 3:14
12. Funeral – 1:16
13. I Wish I Could – 4:23
Total Runtime: 42:12

Light Years aren't what first comes to mind when most people think of when they think of today's pop-punk scene. People would usually think of The Story So Far or State Champs or some other Pure Noise band (nothing against PN bands, they're great, just sayin') before they'd think of some other band, and then another... and then another... in an endless cycle, 'cause barely anyone knows about Light Years. Like another band I'll talk about very soon, Light Years are pretty much complete unknowns. But, that shouldn't be. Light Years are the perfect representation of the all-American third wave emo influenced pop-punk scene.

I'll See You When I See You is Light Years' second album, after 2013's I Won't Hold This Against You on Paper + Plastick Records. These Kent, Ohio hometown heroes are here to resurrect the perfect mix of emo and pop-punk.
I'll See You When I See You starts with a question, "Are You Sure?", and yes, I'm sure that this is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. That opening guitar sounds awesome, and Pat Kennedy's lyrics and vocals are stellar. Following up that masterpiece is "Rearview", a song about things you leave behind, in your rearview, as time passes you by. This is how you do emo (I hope you're taking notes, Gerard Way.). "Living in Hell" starts out with a killer riff, which pops up a few more times throughout the song, which is nice since it's so good.
Though it's still really good, "Accidents" is a song I can't always remember much about—I always remember it's there, but nothing really sticks out. "The Summer She Broke My Heart", just like "Rearview", is catchy and another perfect example of how to do emo right. "Cracks on the Ceiling" starts out with a very bright guitar line, and will stick in your head forever. "So Sorry" and "Let You Down" go together really well; it wouldn't feel right if they weren't back-to-back.
"I Can't Relate" is the song I always forget about. It's good, but it's between two much better songs, so it kinda falls by the wayside. "Empty Rooms" picks up from "I Can't Relate" and gets the momentum going again. "Lost Ground" continues that momentum and builds on it.
But, "Funeral" kinda breaks the pacing. It's not bad, but it feels a little out of place, but not so out of place that it's annoying. "I Wish I Could" really picks up the slack that "Funeral" left in its wake and ties up all the loose ends.
Overall, I'll See You When I See You is an amazing album, and I can't wait for Light Years' next effort. If you like this, then definitely check out their first album, too; it's worth it.

Are You Sure?: 10/10
Rearview: 9/10
Living in Hell: 9/10
Accidents: 8/10
The Summer She Broke My Heart: 9/10
Cracks on the Ceiling: 10/10
So Sorry: 9/10
Let You Down: 9/10
I Can't Relate: 7/10
Empty Rooms: 8/10
Lost Ground: 9/10
Funeral: 6/10
I Wish I Could: 10/10

Subtotal: 113/130
Bonus Points:
Killer Choruses: +2
Total: 115/130
Score: 8.8 Excellent

Genres: Pop-Punk, Alternative

For Fans of: The Swellers, Knuckle Puck, The Story So Far

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