Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Suggested Listening: Week of May 25th

This week I got back into some bands, ones I just happened to forget how awesome they were. Let's get into those.

Pop-Punk Pick:
Tonight Alive: The Other Side
[2013, Fearless]

Tonight Alive had a new album this year, but to be honest, I thought it was kinda disappointing. 2013's The Other Side is easily still their best album. It's just amazing.

Metal Pick:
Machinae Supremacy: Phantom Shadow
[2014, Spinefarm]
I'm hoping that this year, MaSu has a new album, like they do every two years (Deus Ex Machinae in 2004, Redeemer in 2006, Overworld 2008, A View from the End of the World 2010, Rise of a Digital Nation 2012, and Phantom Shadow 2014), but I just got back into them, and Phantom Shadow was the album that introduced me to MaSu and what made me want more. It's a masterpiece.

Indie Pick:
The Decemberists: The King is Dead
[2010, Capitol]
Despite being only ten songs, The King is Dead is a really great album. But, The Decemberists always release an EP after an album, and even though I haven't listened to Long Live the King yet, I'm glad it exists. "Rox in the Box" is probably my favorite song on here.

Emo Pick:
The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die: Whenever, if Ever
[2013, Topshelf]
TWiaBP&IANLAtD, the most emo band name ever, are considered the pioneers of the 2010s emo revival and the start of Fourth Wave Emo, and this album is the one that started it all, and boy is it great.

Alternative Pick:
Jimmy Eat World: Invented
[2010, Interscope]
Probably the most overlooked Jimmy Eat World album, Invented is actually one of my favorites from them. While "My Best Theory" got mildly popular, the rest of the album is criminally underrated. Songs like "Evidence" and "Coffee and Cigarettes" don't get enough love.

Hardcore/Post-Hardcore Pick:
Senses Fail: The Fire
[2010, Vagrant/Drive-Thru]
My second favorite Senses Fail album, The Fire is the last Senses Fail album before they started going more hardcore with 2013's Renacer and 2015's Pull the Thorns from Your Heart. A lot of people just forget about this album. I don't really understand why, it's just awesome. Yeah, I mean, "Coward" isn't my favorite Senses Fail song, but it doesn't bring down the whole album.

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