Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday: Full Collapse [2001] — Album Review

Geoff Rickly: Lead Vocals
Tom Keeley: Guitar, Vocals
Steve Pedulla: Guitar, Vocals
Tim Payne: Bass
Tucker Rule: Drums
Produced by Sal Villanueva

1. A0001 – :36
2. Understanding in a Car Crash – 4:25
3. Concealer – 2:19
4. Autobiography of a Nation – 3:56
5. A Hole in the World – 3:28
6. Cross Out the Eyes – 4:08
7. Paris in Flames – 4:33
8. I Am the Killer – 3:35
9. Standing on the Edge of Summer – 3:42
10. Wind-Up – 4:23
11. How Long is the Night? – 5:45
12. i1100 – 1:40
Total Runtime: 42:26

Full Collapse was the breakout hit for Thursday, even though they got screwed over by Victory Records (which was a trend back in the early 2000s). That album cover is not what the band wanted, and the inside of the booklet was supposed to have artwork and the lyrics, but Victory made Rickly choose between wither just artwork or just the lyrics (he chose the lyrics). But did the screwing over have any effect on the recordings? No. Full Collapse still came out great.
Full Collapse has an intro and outro track, and our intro is "A0001", 36 seconds of atmosphere leading up to our first song, "Understanding in a Car Crash". "Understanding" is Thursday's most popular song, and for good reason—it's friggin' awesome (though "Signals Over the Air" from War All the Time is better). The guitars are excellent, the lyrics are perfect and Rickly's singing is great. "Concealer" starts up after "Understanding", and gives us a pretty good addition to the album.
Our third song is "Autobiography of a Nation", which is... a bit of a letdown. The guitars are alright, but the lyrics are kinda uninteresting and the vocal delivery is just alright. "Autobiography" is just okay. Next we get right back on track with "A Hole in the World", with some great guitar and very nice vocal delivery; though, I will say, the screaming at the end feels a little unnecessary and forced. Everything I just said is also true of "Paris in Flames", but the screaming at the end of "Paris in Flames" sounds even more forced and unnecessary.
"Cross Out the Eyes" is another really good song, and so is "I Am the Killer".
"Standing on the Edge of Summer" is a very well-put together song. The lyrics are stellar and the vocal delivery is smooth. The guitars sound freaking awesome.
"Wind-Up" sounds like it's going to be another less-screamy song, but throws that out the window and screams. It's pretty good.
Our final song is "How Long is the Night?", which is a little too long for its own good—it drags on a bit after a few minutes. Other than that it's a decent song and a good closer. We end on "i1100", which is a triple-length version of "A0001" in a way.
Full Collapse is a great album which is not discovered as much as it should be by people new to the genre. It's definitely worth your time and money.

A0001: 8/10
Understanding in a Car Crash: 10/10
Concealer: 8/10
Autobiography of a Nation: 6/10
A Hole in the World: 8/10
Cross Out the Eyes: 8/10
Paris in Flames: 8/10
I Am the Killer: 7/10
Standing on the Edge of Summer: 10/10
Wind-Up: 8/10
How Long is the Night?: 6/10
i1100: 8/10

Subtotal: 95/120
Bonus Points:
A+ Guitar Work: +2
Killer Choruses: +2
Total: 99/120
Score: 8.3 Excellent

Genres: Emo, Post-hardcore, Punk

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