Monday, January 11, 2016

Saves the Day: Freakish [2002] — Single Review

Chris Conley: Vocals, Piano
Vocal Era: Stay What You Are
Dave Soloway: Guitar
Eben D’Amico: Bass
Ted Alexander: Guitar
Bryan Newman: Drums

1. Freakish – 3:46
2. Firefly – 2:51
3. Certain Tragedy (Live at the BBC) – 2:27
Total Runtime: 9:04

"Freakish"; as with my At Your Funeral review, I've already reviewed this song, so I'll spare those who're following my StD reviews the details. If you haven't seen my Stay What You Are review yet, check that out for details on this. "Firefly" was a great choice for the b-side of "Freakish". Again, I'll spare the details, but it just goes really well together.
It's weird—this version of "Certain Tragedy" was recorded sometime between when SWYA was released and September 2002 when this single was released, but Conley's voice sounds like it's between In Reverie and Sound the Alarm. Not like it does on SWYA. In Reverie was still a year away, and Sound the Alarm wasn't even a thought in Conley's mind (for the record it was still 4 years away). I don't know, it's just strange.
If you come across it, pick it up. It's a rare find and it's really good. The "Freakish" music video is kinda… strange… but it's cool nevertheless.

Freakish: 8/10
Firefly: 9/10
Certain Tragedy (Live at the BBC): 6/10

Total: 23/30
Score: 7.7 Outstanding

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