Friday, March 3, 2017

Senses Fail: In Your Absence [2017] — EP Review

Buddy Nielsen: Lead Vocals
Zack Roach: Lead Guitar
Matt Smith: Rhythm Guitar
Gavin Caswell: Bass
Chris Hornbrook: Drums
Produced by Senses Fail

1. Jets to Peru – 3:52
2. In Your Absence – 3:20
3. Death Bed – 4:32
4. Family Tradition – 3:26
5. Lost and Found – 3:51
Total Runtime: 19:01

So, gee, it's been a while, hasn't it, guys? Well, whatever—time to get back to reviewing. Senses Fail just released their new acoustic EP today, and I just listened to it on my drive back from the store. It's pretty darn good. And it's certainly a step up from 2015's Pull the Thorns from Your Heart and has me pumped for the album they're teasing for later this year.
The EP powers in with "Jets to Peru" (which if that isn't a reference to the band Jets to Brazil, that's the most extreme coincidence I've seen in a long time), which features Nielsen's signature writing style and sounds way more personal and is better written than most of PtTfYH. Not to mention, the video is actually really good. And it just goes to show, Buddy Nielsen can get as old as he wants, but he'll still have a knack for writing an early-2000s-style emo hook. Following that, we have our title track, "In Your Absence", which falls a little flat compared to "Jets to Peru", as it feels like it repeats the chorus once too many times, but it's still a good song. The last original song on the EP, "Death Bed", continues the great hook writing and the excellent sounding acoustic guitars.
At the end of the EP, we have two acoustic renditions of older Senses Fail songs. First, we have "Family Tradition" from 2008's Life is Not a Waiting Room, which wouldn't've been my pick for a song to do an acoustic version of from LiNaWR, personally I would've done "Garden State", but I'm not in Senses Fail. Anyway, it's a nice rendition. Second, we have "Lost and Found", from 2006's Still Searching, which sounds absolutely amazing in an acoustic setting.
Like I said, In Your Absence has really got me pumped for the teased upcoming Senses Fail album. Not to mention, Buddy's said that it'll be more reminiscent of older Senses Fail stuff. I liked Renacer, but as you could probably tell, I really didn't care for Pull the Thorns from Your Heart. I just hope someday Life is Not a Waiting Room will get a vinyl reissue; come on, we had Let it Enfold You and Still Searching reissued in December, please?

Jets to Peru: 9/10
In Your Absence: 8/10
Death Bed: 9/10

Family Tradition: 9/10
Lost and Found: 9/10

Total: 44/50
Score: 8.8 Excellent

Genres: Emo

For Fans of: Old Senses Fail.

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