Friday, March 3, 2017

Suggested Listening — Week of March 3rd, 2017

INTERVALS — The Shape of Colour
So I've been on a serious instrumental progressive metal binge lately. Stuff like Scale the Summit, Polyphia, Modern Day Babylon, Chimp Spanner, and easily the most impressive out of all of them, Intervals. Oh my god, I seriously can't stop listening to The Shape of Colour. I've played it in the store like five times since I discovered it last week. This is seriously some of the best, most impressive, coolest sounding guitar work I've ever heard. I just wish there was more of this album. I'm eagerly awaiting word on a new album from Intervals, and anticipating the restock of the CD on their District Lines. The entire album is available to stream on their YouTube. Go listen to it. Show Aaron as much support as possible. Buy a t-shirt. Buy the digital download. Talk to him on Twitter. Tell your friends.

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