Thursday, September 22, 2016

Suggested Listening: Week of September 22nd

This week I'm gonna change it up a bit—I'm just gonna call out some albums instead of picking one for each genre. So here's some stuff I think you should check out this week.

The Academy is... [2005, Fueled by Ramen]
Almost Here is TAI's first album, and it has some standout songs like "Attention", "Season", and "Down and Out". Even though I tend to have an issue with ten-song d├ębut albums, and I do certainly wish Almost Here had more material, The Academy is... delivered some awesome pop-punk creativity here.

The Swellers [2013, No Sleep]
The Swellers' final album, The Light Under Closed Doors, is way under-appreciated. The Flint, Michigan natives firmly plant some more great tunes in their catalog with this album, and it really makes me wish they hadn't broken up. Hey, Thursday just got back together, maybe I shouldn't lose hope just yet.

Machinae Supremacy [2012, Spinefarm]
MaSu's fifth album, Rise of a Digital Nation, which is so far their shortest album at just over forty minutes (their second shortest is 2006's Redeemer, at just under an hour), used to be one of my least favorite albums of theirs. That has changed a lot. RoaDN is now one of my favorites. MaSu are usually really good with album length (as in number of songs), and RoaDN disappoints on this front, with only ten songs, but they're an amazing ten songs. "All of My Angels" and the eponymous "Rise of a Digital Nation" are some of their best work yet.

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